Prepare to fall in love forever.

Congratulations! Having a baby is a very exciting time in life! It doesn’t matter if this baby is your 1st, 2nd or even your 5th, it is still a very exciting time for your family! You have no idea how much your heart is about to grow! Speaking of growing, I understand how your shoes don’t even fit anymore. How does that happen?! Things hurt that you never imagined hurting before, things you might not have even known could hurt. Yet it’s beyond worth it! Every stretch mark, every lost moment of sleep. Every. Single. Thing.

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 30-34 weeks, enough to see that precious bump, but not so late in the pregnancy that the bump has taken over your room to breathe.

Birth Stories are coverage of active labor (approx 5 cm) through 1-2 hours following the birth. My level of “presence” in your birth space is totally up to you. With almost 30 years as a Doula, I can also be part of your support team, not only your photographer. This is incredibly valuable as I know the birth process and how/when/where to be as not to disrupt the incredibly intimate time that a birth can be for a couple.

Welcome Baby Sessions are a lifestyle type session held at the place of Baby’s birth, hospital or home, usually the day following birth. These sessions are the one you’ll look back at in a year and think, “Wow, I hardly remember how tiny Baby was! Look at all that hair and those toes!” These sessions can include siblings and grandparents or the special person who was an integral part of bringing baby into the world!

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“We love Anne! We purchased a maternity session as well as a fresh 48 session from her. She is a phenomenal photographer and you can tell she loves what she does! From the first contact to our last meeting, it felt like chatting with a friend. She makes the sessions comfortable and is willing to work with you and your circumstances (read: bad weather - 50 mph wind!) to get the most of your package. I’d say we found our family photographer! Thank you, Anne!”

~Kurt Ludemann


Bump to Baby

Birth Story

Welcome Baby


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Pricing Guide

Bump to Baby Package

  • Includes Maternity, Birth Story, Welcome Baby, plus a Newborn Plus session!

  • Custom slideshow set to music with select images from all 4 sessions

  • All edited images in a password protected online gallery including a print release


    *Value of $1900 if purchased separately!

Birth Story

  • All edited images in an online gallery

  • Custom slideshow set to music

  • A 10x10 custom keepsake book

  • On-call 24/7 from your 38th week

  • Coverage of active labor from approx. 5 cm, birth, plus up to 2 hours following birth


    *Add on a Fresh 48 for only $150!

Welcome Baby

  • All edited images in an online gallery with a print release

  • 60 min lifestyle session held at the place of birth - hospital or home

  • Daddy, siblings and grandparents may be included!



  • All edited images in an online gallery

    with a print release

  • 30 min session in-studio, outdoors,

    or in-home


Maternity Sessions:

Maternity sessions can take place in-studio, outdoors, and even in-home. They can include daddy, siblings and also fur kiddos! My 1st priority to help capture your beauty in the most genuine way possible so you feel as comfortable as you can be. This session isn’t always about wearing a beautiful gown, although you sure can! If you want to wear something unique, that’s always welcome! Maternity sessions are designed to uniquely celebrate each new momma and baby! Let’s talk and design a session as unique as your pregnancy is!

What To Wear:

Showing off that beautiful baby body can include a snug fitting sweater or a long dress that flows. Specific colors or styles are completely up to you, but I am always willing to give advice. I will say that some of my favorites are pastels and shades of white or cream since this creates more of a vintage inspired photograph. The most important thing is that you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful as you can be!

A Little Bit of Advice:

One of the pieces of advice that I give all of my mommas is that you should try to pamper yourself before the session. You can do something that’s relaxing, such as get your hair or nails done or maybe have a prenatal massage! I have some great recommendations on my Resources Page above! It doesn’t have to be something that will take very long, but it will help you feel relaxed and confident! The most important thing to remember is that this session should be a very special day to remember and I want to help that to happen however I can!

Birth Stories:

Birth stories include 24/7 on-call availability starting at approximately the 38th week of pregnancy (varies with each pregnancy.) Documenting starts with active labor (approximately 5 cms, but this also varies with each labor) until 1-2 hours following birth. These amazing sessions documenting a family’s Birth Story are available for both home and hospital births.

If the need for a c-section arises, let me know. It’s unlikely in our area that I would be allowed into the c-section, but families are more than welcome to ask medical providers and I would be ecstatic if allowed to document it!

I usually start with an in-person consultation, where we will get to know each other, to discuss the birth plan and alternative plans should anything change from the initial birth plan. We will also talk about notification procedures when labor begins. I encourage daddy to be present at this consultation so he can ask questions and be more comfortable with me when the big day comes.